We flew from Hurghada to Cairo early in the morning and were met by a van with a driver and a Russian-speaking tour guide. There were three other Russians on the tour with us.

Cairo is a huge city. 16 million people, and currently growing by a million a year, according to our guide.

First we went to a mosque. This is the courtyard.

This is our guide, Nadia. She was really sweet. Her Russian was good too, though she’s even worse than I am about getting the accents on the wrong syllables of words.

Here’s the ceiling of the mosque.

They made me wear this robe in the mosque, though I’m not sure why. There were plenty of female tourists not wearing them. I suppose they didn’t have enough to go around, but it’s a mystery how they choose who will wear them. I wasn’t wearing shorts or even a short-sleeved shirt.