Cairo has a metro, but to my dismay, we didn’t get to ride it.

The museum of the Pharaonic Era. A dream come true for those geeks who are into Ancient Stuff. Endless numbers of statues, mummies, sarcophagi, bits of pottery and jewellery.

The courtyard of the museum. Central Cairo. It was as lovely as it looks.

On the way to the pyramids. Number plates with Arabic numbers. I sort of learned to recognize the numbers, so if I’m not mistaken, this one reads 89252.

On the edge of Cairo, in the direction of the pyramids, are hundreds, maybe thousands of half-finished brick buildings. Our tour guide said the developer didn’t pay his taxes and the project was abandoned. But people live in them anyway. It seems many of the buildings don’t have electricity or running water, and lots of them don’t have windows. They also don’t get trash collection so there are horrible makeshift landfills here and there. And this was built on precious fertile land.

Next up: pyramids!