We approach the pyramids…

Wow, it’s a pyramid! And you can like, touch it and stuff!


This one still has a bit of the smooth covering at the top. Historians say that originally the pyramids were covered in smooth limestone and were gleaming white. This picture was taken just before it poured down rain and Kostia and I got completely drenched and had to sit in wet clothes the rest of the day. We were like, “I can’t believe we got rained on in the desert next to the pyramids!”

The clouds dispersed as quickly as they appeared, allowing this lovely shot.

Someone asked what I thought of the pyramids because they had been disappointed when they saw them. I’ve learned not to have too many expectations when visiting famous sites. Usually I just feel pretty amazed when something I’ve seen in pictures and on TV ACTUALLY EXISTS IN REAL LIFE. That said, I can see how someone might be disappointed. Up close, the bricks of the pyramids are all kind of chunky looking, and there’s not much to do except walk around and get (really really) hassled by people trying to sell you souvenirs. Kostia wanted to go back to our van a few minutes after we got there, which in retrospect would have been a good idea because of the rain, but I said, “No, goddamn it, this is one of the wonders of the world and we’re going to freaking look at it for as long as we can.”