My god. I thought Saturday would never come. The Russian government has this weird idea that it can just move the weekend around to create three-day weekends out of midweek holidays. So there was the men’s day holiday on Thursday the 23rd, then we got the Friday off too, but we had to work on Sunday. A five-day workweek is tiring enough when working with three-year-olds, but six days, with the kids’ Women’s Day performance for the parents (and all the stress that comes with that) on the Friday, well, it was exhausting.

Women’s Day is next Wednesday, but thankfully they’re not moving the weekend for that one. What’s wrong with having a midweek holiday anyway? A nice treat, getting to sleep in and chill out in the middle of the week. You don’t need a long weekend every holiday. And most Russians can’t afford to go someplace fancy for a mini-vacation in any case. They would go to their dachas, but not in winter. Save the three-day weekends for the summer.