After our one-day whirlwind Cairo adventure, Kostia and I were pretty wiped out. We were supposed to go on a snorkeling excursion the next day, but I felt really sick to my stomach. Fortunately we were able to postpone it.

So we just relaxed for two days, read, and watched the Olympics on German TV. We did manage to do a few tourist-like things:

I went on a camel ride.

The guide asked me if I wanted to kiss the camel. I settled for petting it on its head.

Makadi Bay sunset

We went into the city of Hurghada one evening. Here’s the sign at the post office. The Russian here just says “Department”, which has kind of ominous undertones.

No comment, except that I forgot to mention that Cairo, a city of 16 million, doesn’t have any traffic lights.