I hate April Fools jokes, or really any sort of jokes where you try to make someone believe something is true and then laugh at them when they do. I mean, there are enough misunderstandings in the world as it is, and laughing at people for believing you doesn’t exactly promote healthy friendships. I once dated a guy for a couple months who was really into those kind of jokes. When I refused to take the bait, he’d go to any lengths to try to convince me of what he was saying. What a dick.

At least it’s not a work day today. They have April Fools Day in Russia too. Last year there were several stupid tricks at the kindergarten. However, my nine-year-old student, Vanya, was lamenting the fact that there was no school on April Fools Day this year. He’s definitely into that sort of thing. Once he decribed to me the Russian word for a prankster: “It’s a guy who does something that’s for him fun, but for other people not so much.”