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“I think the reason I haven’t got any working-class pride is because I detest manual labour.” – Kostia

In case anyone else was feeling put out that their blog or site isn’t linked on mine (see comment on this post), I thought I ought to explain my editorial policy…

The deal with my links is, I kinda think it’s silly when a blog has a link to every single other blog in the universe. I think the point of links is to say to the readers, if you’re interested in my blog, here are some related blogs and other sites that I find amusing or useful. But if you have eight million links, then how the hell do people sort through all that? They don’t. They just ignore them. Which makes it pointless to have any links at all.

I used to have links to all the blogs I read on a regular basis, and try to link to everyone who linked to me, but then I felt like I had to have links to all my friends’ blogs, even the ones that were rarely updated, and doesn’t that just waste my readers’ time? And I know it’s Netiquette to link to someone when they link to you, but there are actually a couple of blogs that link here that I consider really vile, so to hell with that rule.

So I decided that I would only link to a handful of Russia-related blogs that really caught my fancy. I change them up every now and then, add new ones, delete ones that have gone stale. And most of the blogs that I’m linked to have links to every other Russian site on the web, so why do I need to duplicate that?

Anyway, why does every Russian blog have to try to be a clearinghouse for all things (even tenuously) Russian? I don’t pretend to do that. This is my silly little blog about my silly little life, which happens to be proceeding in Russia at the moment (and I write it mostly for my friends and family, though I’m super glad that other people find it interesting too), so sometimes it’s about Russia and sometimes it’s about whatever’s going on in my head.

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I'm an American who started blogging when I moved to Russia in 2004. Eventually I moved to Sweden, where life is pleasant but uneventful, and stopped blogging for lack of interesting things to say. And then I joined Facebook, which further destroyed any motivation for blogging. Maybe someday I'll start blogging again, but for now, this blog is dormant, an archive of The Russia Years: 2004-2008.

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