Last night Aunt Kelly and I threw our final party in our nice centrally-located St. Petersburg apartment. Aunt Kelly’s moving back to Boston at the end of the month, and next weekend I’m moving to Kostia’s more modest dwelling in the sleeping districts.

The party was an amusing mix of people: some Russian and British colleagues of mine, our American neighbors, a bunch of Kostia’s friends, and assorted other friends and associates. Some people didn’t speak Russian, some didn’t speak English, but many bonded over the drinking of the variety pack of Swedish aquavits that I had got Aunt Kelly for her birthday last summer, which we were determined to finish off.

This morning I had one of the top-five worst hangovers of my life. And we had tickets to the circus this afternoon. I wasn’t really looking forward to the circus anyway, and with this hangover I was pretty much dreading it. But it turned out to be really well-done. The laser show at the beginning exacerbated my queasiness and the horribly uncomfortable seating could do with some remont, but the show itself was impressive. It was a new show, the “Circus on Water“. There were contortionists in frog suits, trained sea lions and poodles, smoking clowns, and other stuff I couldn’t even begin to describe. I was glad to discover that there is work for synchronized swimmers after the Olympics are over.

After that we got some “Mexican” food (oy, sometimes I really miss American Mexican food), we walked home in the nice spring weather, and I passed out for another three hours.