That’s what it says over the whole swastika/war poster/flower mess now. Antifa are a group of anti-fascists. Every time I see it I think of Cartman walking to Kenny’s house singing “…in the ghetto…”

The weather in SPb has been weird lately. Every day starts out sunny, then it gets rainy. Temperatures are very unpredictable, but mostly chilly. Difficult to dress oneself appropriately in the morning.

We’re pretty much into official White Nights season. I love the white nights, I really do. Though it makes things a bit confusing — you tend to lose track of time in the evenings. You might think it’s 6 p.m. and actually it’s 10:30.

Kindergarten is nearly over. I can’t wait. I have lots of teaching work lined up for summer, but I won’t have to be anywhere every day at 8:45 any more. I become less and less of a morning person every year. Also, I won’t have to wipe any more runny noses or poopy butts. A little Russian lesson: “Ya pokakal!” means “I’ve pooped!” and the kids announce this when they want you to come and wipe them. 3- and 4- year olds aren’t to be trusted to do it for themselves.

Erm… is that it? Oh, Kostia and I sang at a music/poetry festival for losers this weekend. It was like a Russian John Waters movie or something, all of St. Petersburg’s geeks and bohemians listening to each other’s bad poetry. It was part of a larger music festival — there was a real stage, and then there was our makeshift stage next to the port-a-potties. Looking around at the crowd I could sort of imagine I was back in Ann Arbor. It wasn’t bad or anything, I sort of felt at home. I was surprised that Kostia didn’t mind it though, he’s kind of snooty. :-)