Today we ran all over town, submitting resumes and talking to apartment rental companies. We managed to talk to some nice people who gave us a glimmer of hope about doing a bit of language teaching. The apartment search was less inspiring. But maybe we’ll get into this nice co-op sort of apartment building. It’s a rental place, but with common space and the idea that residents should interact with one another as a community. Right up my alley, though Kostia is sceptical of anything resembling communism. :-)

Kostia’s modest about his Swedish speaking skills, but he was able to converse with people at all these different offices. I was able to follow the conversations a bit, but I can’t say anything yet. Tomorrow’s my first official Swedish lesson though, and I’m going to work really hard.

My program has very few lectures and seminars, so I’ve got this wide open schedule, with a very manageable amount of reading and writing. It’s pretty relaxing having so much free time, so I’m trying to enjoy not having a job yet.