In this post I described the complexity and inefficiency of sending a package from Russia and concluded by saying that I expected it would take two months for our packages to get to us. Well, I have to print a partial retraction, because our packages actually were here waiting for us when we arrived two weeks ago. I wasn’t entirely surprised – when the bill for the packages totaled 4500 rubles I suspected that they were sending them by fast mail rather than the most economical method. So, we might have been able to save some money. But then, we’d have spent the next few months worrying about whether the snow would arrive before our coats and boots. At least now we are prepared for the Swedish winter, which I’m kind of dreading. Although I’ve spent two winters in St. Petersburg, I’m still not used to how short the warm season is at 60 degrees north. You get to wear your summer clothes for a couple of weeks, maximum; for most of the “summer” it’s trousers and jackets. Sigh.