We wound up in this part of Sweden kind of randomly, having applied to universities in different parts of the country. But, we’ve been told that this is a good part of the country to be in. Several people have told us that it’s one of the most historic parts of Sweden. Another person told us that it was the best place to learn Swedish because it people here speak slowly and with the closest thing to a “neutral” accent in this land of widely-varying accents. Like “midwestern standard” in the US, or “received pronunciation” in Britain.

Last night we watched an episode of Swedish “Idol” which had been recorded here in Falun. Now, you know you’re in a small country when a city of 35,000 is a destination for a nationwide talent search. Anyway, they showed scenes from the city, as well as little MTV-like screen flashes to make Falun look hip. These included two things for which Dalarna County is best known: