Things are looking more promising on the apartment and employment front, but I’ll leave it at that for now so that I don’t jinx anything.

Yesterday Kostia and I splurged and went to Systembolaget and bought a liter box of the cheapest wine there. 50 kronor — about $7. It was a drinkable Spanish wine. We were deciding between that and an Italian wine for 51 kr, and ultimately settled on the Spanish one because it had higher alcohol content, maximizing our alcohol-to-cost ratio. We’re such losers.

We went home and watched a DVD and drank our wine and ate cheese and “Eldorado” brand chocolate. Eldorado is the cheap generic food brand that has become our favorite. (Kostia wrote about it on his live journal, too.) We have Eldorado rice, Eldorado beans, Eldorado tea bags, and for a special treat we once bought Eldorado frozen pizza and Eldorado microwave popcorn.

Why are we such cheapskates, you ask? Well, because we don’t have jobs yet and we need to stretch our savings as far as possible, and Sweden is an expensive country. We even collect the beer cans from our hall-mates’ parties out of the recycling bin in the kitchen and return them to the supermarket for a 50 öre refund.

But if these job and apartment possibilities work out, then we can upgrade to Hemköp store-brand food, and maybe buy wine in an actual bottle once in awhile. :-)