It was a lovely weekend. We visited Falun’s main tourist attraction, the copper mine. We decided to save the museum for a less beautiful day, and the 100 kronor ($15) trip into the mine for more affluent times, but we did look down into the big, deep hole. It is indeed very big, and very deep. (I have some pictures but I haven’t gotten around to transfering them to my computer yet.)

We bought the DVD of “My Life As A Dog” from the “Swedish Classics” sale bin and watched it with our German friend Indra. I’d seen the film before several times, but Kostia and Indra hadn’t. (It’s a really sweet film; if you haven’t seen it, you must.)

Since the contract is signed, I can talk about the improvement on the housing front. In mid-October we’ll be moving to a one-room apartment which is lots closer to the university, a bit closer to downtown, has a decent-sized kitchen, a nice view of some woods, and will cut our monthly housing costs nearly in half. What’s the catch, you say? It doesn’t have a shower or bathtub. There is a sauna and shower in the basement shared by the five other apartments in the building that don’t have a shower. Eeek, I know. But when I expressed reservations, Kostia reminded me of all the bathing-related hardships he’s suffered in his life (no running water at home from birth to age 10, no shower in their dormitory for his first few years of university — they had to go to another dorm) and how this is mild in comparison. OK, OK. Anyway, the place is so cheap that it will make a huge difference in our economic situation, and other than the lack of a shower it’s quite nice. With the money we’ll save I’ll buy a new bathrobe to look nice for the neighbors.

Photos tomorrow, I promise.