Whilst Googling something else, I came across this article, about people taking advantage of IKEA‘s generous customer services:

The Swedish Feeding Trough

A former roommate told me that when they opened the first IKEAs in Russia they had to stop giving out the golf pencils because people were hoarding them. Everyone must have gotten their fill because there was always an ample supply of golf pencils when I went to the SPb IKEA.

I must admit I like the IKEA cafe a lot too. In St. Petersburg I’d sometimes say to Kostia, “Let’s go to Sweden today!” meaning, let’s go to the oasis of western Europeanness that is IKEA. We hardly ever went though; it’s not that convenient to get to. I taught English briefly at a company that was building an extension onto that IKEA and so on the way to their building site I’d sometimes run into IKEA for a 5-ruble ice cream or a 10-ruble hot dog. Mmm…

We haven’t been to IKEA in Sweden yet. I suppose it’s because we’re already in Sweden, we don’t need the simulacrum.

Edit: Another amusing IKEA link:
Swedes Rush After IKEA Paintings