The summer-like weather continues. On Saturday we walked around town and saw some new things.

This building was a prison til 1995. Now it’s a youth hostel. They were having an open house, so we went in to check it out. It’s still pretty prison-like. I think in order to want to stay here you would have to be in a really kitchy mood. They have a prison history museum in the basement with things like handcuffs, works of art made by the prisoners, and police almanacs going back to the 1800s.

Another view of the city from near the prison hostel.

A building that reminded me of a run-down palace in St. Petersburg. Grass gone wild and all. Very un-Swedish. What’s this doing in a residential neighborhood? Will do some research and get back to you.

A dog waiting for his owner outside the yarn shop.

We see vintage Volvos all the time, causing me to hum the theme song from the film “Kitchen Stories