I’ve been having a few guilt pangs about not being in the US to be involved in the midterm elections. I’ve been mulling over what to post on this blog that might contribute in some small way. Fortunately, this useful e-mail just arrived in my inbox. I’m a Green, not a Democrat, but at this point, whatever works to get rid of the Republicans. If you’re in the US and looking for some way to get informed and involved in the election, read on:

Dear Friends and Family,

I’m going to ask your forgiveness right up front for contacting you about the upcoming elections! But if you disagree with the direction George Bush and his allies in Congress are taking the country, now is the time to do something about it.

Please consider helping Democratic candidates in competitive districts. You can help them by volunteering, giving money, or both. Small contributions made via the Internet—even $10 or $20—are making a difference for Democrats in competitive House races.

If the elections were held today, instead of November 7, Democrats would win enough seats in the House to gain a majority and put the brakes on President Bush and his cronies.

Last week, the Washington Post reported that the Republicans know they can’t win on the issues, so their strategy is to use attack ads to smear Democratic candidates individually. They have a lot of money to run ads. The Post’s editorial cartoonist, Tom Toles, summed it up neatly in a cartoon on September 12:

Caption: “When in a hole, how does that expression go?….Oh, yeah, make mud.”

Please help House Democrats:

Volunteer for a candidate in a competitive district. Look at the websites listed below to see if you live in or near one of them.

Give money via the Internet to a Democratic candidate in a competitive district in your state, your region, or anywhere around the country.

Give money to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which will spend all the money it raises on this election.

Here is the New York Times election guide:


Here is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website:


The DCCC’s “Red to Blue” list shows which races are the highest priority:


Here is the article about the Republicans’ plans to win the elections and keep control of the House and Senate by mud-slinging.


Thank you for anything you can do to help Democratic candidates! Spread the word to others. And, of course, remember to vote on November 7.

Lara Levison
Washington, DC

A few more links:


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