Mari said…
Bajsfisk = shitfish. At least literally. I have no idea of its possible deeper meaning…?

Vilhelm said…
Being a native Swede/swede(?) I feel that I have a stylistic objection to the translation of “bajs” into shit. Shit would in Swedish rather be “skit” whereas “bajs”, I would say, has a softer connotation, namely that of poo. The distinction may be narrow, but I would argue that it is stylistically important. Metaphorically, one might imagine a “poo fish” whereas a “shit fish” seems abominable. “Bajs” is something a five-year-old would say, while “skit” is regarded more of a swear word. Studying Swedish, this, of course, belongs to the category “vital knowedge”.

Yes, it is indeed vital knowledge. Maybe I need to get a preschool job here — I learned much of this most important vocabulary in Russian at the kindergarten. Though, it is sometimes a relief to think that I may never have to hear anyone shout “ya pokakal!” or its equivalent ever again.

(Ya pokakal = I pooped. Also: bajs = kaka. Skit = govno)

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Oh god, and Alex. It’s like, the theme of the month.