Last week I started my very-part-time job. I say “very” because it’s an English teaching gig where I work only one day a month. The students do most of their studying over the internet and then get a half-day of intensive class time. Perhaps if the company I work for gets more clients in this region, I’ll have more work, but for now it’s just one day and some online support each month.

So last week I rented a car and drove to Bollnäs, a two-hour drive. Probably the trip could be made a bit faster, but fines tend to be pretty hefty here and I hate to think what a speeding ticket would cost, so I was very conscientious.

It was a nice group of students, a cute town, and a really beautiful drive.

Here’s the road:

Here’s Bollnäs town square:

Here are some things I saw on the way home: