This is the title to one chapter of a very good short introduction to Swedish, which can be found here. I think this is an extremely amusing title for something, but not as amusing as the next chapter: “Even More Things”.

I’ve tried to post some photos of our new apartment and neighborhood, but Blogger’s photo tool is being a pain, as usual. I know I should move this blog to some other host, but I hate making life any more complicated than it already is. In the meantime, you’ll just have to wait until Blogger is in a better mood.

Well, I’ve already blathered on about how good the new apartment situation is (except for that shower-in-the-basement thing). Oh, except that yesterday I did laundry in an actual washing machine for the first time in six months (Kostia’s place in St. Petersburg didn’t have one, and although the dorm did, the laundry room was really scary and we decided just to keep hand-washing things), and machine-dried them for the first time in almost 2 years (though Aunt Kelly and I had a very posh apartment by St. Petersburg standards, a clothes dryer would have been just too much). Ah, warm, fluffy laundry. In an odd coincidence, Kostia’s mom called yesterday to report that she had bought a washing machine. Not just a new one, but her first one. As you can see, laundry machines are still a luxury in Russia. No matter where I live, I will never take a clothes dryer for granted again.