A few weeks ago Kostia and I were listening to a news program on the radio when he realized he could understand everything that was being said, and I realized that I understood what was going on. “Is this a special progam for stupid people?” we thought.

We did some research and found Klartext, a production of Swedish Radio. The English explanation on their website says:

Klartext brings you news from Sweden and other countries. Klartext tells the news at a slower pace, with words that are easier to understand.

Almost 300 000 people listen to Klartext, to find out what happens in Sweden and the rest of the world.

The reporters at Klartext often get help from
· other journalists at Swedish Radio
· local radio stations all over Sweden
· the newsprogram Ekot
. reporters in countries all over the world

You can read the transcripts on the site and listen to/download the 10-minute daily programs as well. It’s great for that language-learner ego boost.