Hooray! I’ve finally been allowed to move to Blogger in Beta, which should be more user-friendly for you and for me.

With today’s Swedish lesson/fika over, I’m officially on break til the second week of January. It’ll be a working break, though. Academically, I have to write my term paper for Comparative Social Policy and a thesis proposal. I also want to make sure I work on my Swedish every day – we won’t have lessons again for more than a month. The pace is slow enough as it is, and I really need to learn more Swedish to have any hope of finding a real job here. Which brings me to my next task – intensive job hunting. We’d like to stop living on cheap pasta and the beer (in unopened cans) we have a knack for finding in the woods (people stumbling around in the dark drop a lot of things I guess), and maybe even to stay in Sweden past May, but it will only be possible if we find work. We’ve been un-intensively job hunting all the while, but it’s time to give it a big push.

In addition to Swedish, I want to work on my Russian every day too. Although Kostia and I speak enough Russian to each other that I don’t think my Russian has deteriorated since we left St. Petersburg (well, except for all the Swedish words that have become mixed in*) , it needs improvement nonetheless. My vocabulary sucks, basically. (My grammar does too, but that’s not as much of a hindrance to expressing myself as vividly as I’d like). What I really need to make myself do is write. I have a LiveJournal sitting and waiting for my Russian posts — LJ is much more popular than other blogging formats on the Russian internets, so it seems only appropriate that I blog in Russian over there. I’ll let you know when I get some posts up.

I need to write a few long-overdue evaluations of my experiences teaching at several St. Petersburg language schools for VisaRus and some trial articles for a new site called TimesRussia. I also need to prepare a day-long English lesson for my banking students with whom I get to work face-to-face only once a month.

So, that’s the holiday plan. It’s a good thing I’m staying put in Falun, otherwise I’d never do it all.

*Yesterday without really thinking about it I managed to coin the trilingual phrase “Fucking Pochta Sverige” when complaining about how expensive postage is here. 25 kronor ($3.75) to mail a Christmas card to the US! Enjoy your Christmas packages, Case and Race families — in the future Swedish goodies will be delivered in person only.