We had a whirlwind few days, with three guests from Russia for whom we tried to make Falun — a sleepy town at the best of times and an absolute ghost town for the three-day holiday that is Swedish Christmas — interesting and exciting and worth their coming all this way by train and bus and ferry to see us. We walked all over the city, and looked at all 24 advent windows in one of the historic neighborhoods, and went to a church service (which was really nice, lots of singing and not much talking, good for people who don’t know much Swedish) and used the bastu (sauna) and drank duty-free alcohol and had a nice time.

Kostia left this morning for St. Petersburg. He’ll be between there and his hometown until January 15. It’s quiet and sad around the apartment. But my friend Hugh is coming for a visit next week, and the other students will start coming back, and then classes will start, so I just have to amuse my self on my oddy-knocky for a few days. There’s still plenty on my to-do list, so I should get to it.