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In Russian you don’t “wish” people a “happy” anything (though you can and should wish them happiness, luck, love, success, and a whole stream of other abstract nouns that always leaves me feeling overwhelmed) but rather “congratulate” them “with” a given holiday or birthday.

Also, it’s bad luck, or at least bad form, to congratulate someone with a birthday or holiday before the event. Instead you say “I congratulate you with the upcoming…” whatever, though it’s usually shortened to “with the upcoming”. Except that Russian’s biggest shortcoming is that it doesn’t have articles, so it’s really more like “with upcoming”, which doesn’t make any sense in English.

Anyway, I congratulate you with the upcoming New Year!

I have a blogger pet peeve. Maybe I’ve even been guilty of this myself at some point (need to check the archives to be sure) but I hate it when people write vague things in their blogs like “there’s stuff going on in my personal life” and then never say anything else about it. That’s like, teasing, people! We read blogs to get the juicy details! If you’re not going to write about it, don’t say anything at all! Or if you’re trying to blow off steam, make a secret blog (even though such blogs aren’t very secret).

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