A few weeks ago I started my Live Journal in Russian. I had about 5-10 readers, mostly friends of mine and Kostia’s. That was plenty.

Kostia’s still in Russia, and yesterday he met with the guy who is publishing his (Kostia’s) first book of short stories. Kostia tipped him off about my LJ, the guy promoted it on his, and since he’s widely known in narrow circles (he has 2764 LJ friends) I’ve been friended by about 65 people in the past 6 hours.

Most bloggers hope that their blogs will be read and appreciated, but this makes me really nervous. Writing in Russian is a LOT more work for me than writing in English, and though I have Kostia as my dictionary and grammar check, I still feel the pressure of expectations. Also, Russians on the internet are very critical, and hypersensitive when foreigners write about Russia, so I’m bracing myself for the inevitable harsh comments.

I’ll admit that I’m flattered and excited, but it’s scary too.