Online translators used to suck really really really bad. Now they only suck really bad. There’s a good free Russian-English translator which does a decent job of getting the basic idea across, but it still comes up with some pretty hilarious stuff.

This is the publisher guy’s LJ post promoting my LJ:
Это дневник Меган Кейс, подруги Кости Смелого. На русском.
Она недавно начала его, но, думаю, он будет интересен взглядом на нас с заинтересованной другой стороны.
Стороны дружеской, но все же другой.

This would be my translation:
This is the diary of Megan Case, girlfriend of Kostia the Brave [Kostia’s pseudonym]. In Russian. She started it only recently, but I think it will be interesting as a view of us from another perspective. The perspective is friendly, but still, different.

This is the online translation:
It is diary Megan the Case, girlfriends of the Bone Courageous. In Russian. It recently has begun it, but, I think, it will be interesting by a sight at us from interested other party. The parties friendly, but nevertheless another.

I think the thing I like about it the most is its random use of the definite article.