All right, everyone knows I’m a leftist. I’ve been called a communist many times, even though I’m not, not exactly.*

But I’ve been reading Carl Bildt’s blog, and I’m impressed, not with his ideology, but with his style. Can you imagine an American politician writing a humble, down-to-earth Blogspot blog? (FYI: Bildt is a former Prime Minister and the current Foreign Minister.)

Maybe I’m wrong, and lots of politicians have such blogs. Or maybe Carl Bildt’s blog is written by a clever spin doctor to make him look humble and down-to-earth. But it’s an interesting read, anyway.

So, forgive me for linking to a right-wing blog, but anyway, the Swedish right is still to the left of the U.S. Democrats.

* Yesterday Kostia was reading a book (Fundamentalist World: The New Dark Age of Dogma) in which the author referred to himself as a post-Marxist, and I decided I liked the term, even though it’s not quite clear what it means (“If by ‘post-Marxist’ you mean someone who likes eating chocolate, then yes I am a post-Marxist!”). Actually I’m not as radical as I used to be, and I think that Sweden pretty much has it all figured out. So I’ll just call myself a Swedist. That’s still a communist by American standards.