When I turned on my laptop at home yesterday, a new, open wireless network popped up. It was very exciting. We don’t have internet access at home, because we live so close to the university that it seems stupid to spend money on broadband. The other good thing about not having it at home is that we can actually get work done — I’m terribly undisciplined and I can’t really work on academic papers if I know with just a click of the button I can be watching flash animation, reading salacious blogs, or googling whatever stupid thing pops into my head.

Suddenly having internet access at home, I did all of the above, neglecting the paper I was supposed to be writing. Want to know what I googled? OK, so in Swedish there are two words for preschool, “förskola” and “dagis”. They also call the places where yuppies take their dogs for the day “dagis” — well, actually “hunddagis”. So I was thinking, if I were opening my own hunddagis, I would call it DOGis, get it? Hahaha, I’m such a linguistic genius. And then it immediately occurred to me that, witty and multicultural as I am, I was certainly not the first person to think of this. So I googled it, and indeed, there are several doggy daycare centers called Dogis and Doggis in Sweden, one right in our neighboring town of Borlänge. In case you were wondering.

Anyway, a couple hours later, whoever set up the wireless network must have gotten fed up with me using all their bandwidth to catch up on Weebl and Bob episodes, and the network became security protected. And I was able to finish my paper. Phew.