Today was my first of 10 (non-consecutive) days of classroom observation for this class I’m taking on the Swedish education system, and it was quite something. After the brief, horrible experience I had last year of teaching English to 8-year-olds in a ill-conceived private school in St. Petersburg, I thought I could stand to see a proper teacher of this age group in action, in case I (god forbid) ever got thrown in front of a classroom of 8-year-olds again. It was good thinking on my part. I can see how culture and classroom atmosphere have an effect on children’s behavior. It was really refreshing. I’ll write more about it later — I’ll have to write something up for class anyway.

As promised, a brief, unoriginal paper on the Swedish education system for the uninitiated. I wound up not writing the paper in blog entry style, so sorry if it’s boring.

Edit: the formatting of the paper screwed up the blog format. I just took it off; it wasn’t so interesting anyway. If you’re curious, I can e-mail it to you.