In lighter news, the joys of living in small-town Sweden. Last week the local paper devoted the entire front page of the second section (with a leader on the front front page) to a follow-up story about a guinea pig.

In the original story, a dog found two guinea pigs that had been left out in the cold, and brought them to his owner, who brought them to the police. They were scratched up and starving and one of them died.

In the follow up, “What a transformation“, the surviving guinea pig had been adopted by someone who saw the original story. We learn that the dog who saved him was a golden retreiver named Zedd. The guinea pig has completely recovered, doubled his weight, fathered a litter of four, and won a ribbon for his cuteness. In one of the pictures he’s shown demonstrating his “fatherly affection” by “kissing his daughter on the snout”. Wow. He’s really pulled himself out of the gutter and turned his life around, hasn’t he.

On the one hand, I have to laugh that they found this story newsworthy. On the other hand, the tale is unbearably cute and touching, and if I can be that sentimental, well, I shouldn’t make fun of the newspaper for printing it.

Apparently they really do find guinea pigs newsworthy. When I did a search for “marsvin” (guinea pig) on the newspaper’s website, there were 39 results.

photo credit:

The Swedish Guinea Pig Association