As international students, Kostia and I often find ourselves among speakers of other Slavic languages – Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, even Macedonian and Bulgarian. We have a fun time comparing Russian words to their counterparts in other Slavic languages, but our language of conversation is always English, as it’s usually our only common language. Sometimes it seems silly to speak English among people whose native languages are so much closer to one another than any of them are to English.

Enter Slovio, the artificial simplified pan-Slavic language. If you’ve ever studied a Slavic language, you should be able to understand what’s written on this website. It’s like Russian without all that nasty grammar! While I don’t think it’s a replacement for learning a “natural” language properly, it is nice to think that we don’t have to use English to speak to Czechs and Poles.

Sxto es Slovio? Slovio es novju mezxunarodju jazika ktor razumijut cxtirsto milion ludis na celoju zemla. Slovio mozxete upotrebit dla gvorenie so cxtirsto milion slavju Ludis ot Praga do Vladivostok; ot Sankt Peterburg cxerez Varsxava do Varna; ot Sredzemju Morie i ot Severju Morie do Tihju Okean. Slovio imajt prostju, logikju gramatia i Slovio es idealju jazika dla dnesju ludis. Ucxijte Slovio tper!