Even though it’s only halfway through the spring term, it feels more like finals time right now, because here you’re supposed to take one five-week course at a time, so a set of courses is ending now. Because of the weirdness of the university schedule and my desire to get as much out of my Swedish experience as possible, I’m finishing up three courses at the moment. One is for my actual M.A. program, and two are “extra”: Swedish for Foreigners III and The Swedish Education System. They’re 10-week, half-time courses, so it’s only a double course load, not a triple one. For the second half of the semester I’ll have only Swedish for Foreigners IV. Well, and I’m supposed to be writing a master’s thesis too.

So if I don’t write anything terribly interesting for the next couple of weeks, it’s because I’m busy writing papers and things.

I’ve been meaning to write about what a high-quality afternoon we had last Saturday. After visiting the library, we went downtown, finding 6 kronor worth of returnable bottles (that’s like, almost a dollar!) along the way. We visited a antique shop that we’d passed by many times and got a bit of a Swedish art history and art investment lesson from the proprietor. In the central square, under a tent which proclaimed “cooperation for a more pleasant town”, they were giving away free waffles and lemonade, for no apparent reason other than to make a more pleasant town. The sun was shining and it was warm and people were out and about, which is not always the case in sleepy Falun. There were street musicians – not only the not-terribly-talented drummer who’s often around, but a young woman playing guitar. We didn’t see the not-terribly-talented accordionist who’s often around (Kostia: He should learn a new chord. Me: What’s wrong with that one?). It was a lovely Saturday afternoon in this small Swedish town.