Usually Kostia and I do the grocery shopping together but yesterday he went to Lidl without me. Lidl is this Germany-based supermarket chain that is a normal supermarket in Germany but is kind of a seedy supermarket by Swedish standards. Some of their products are comparatively so cheap that you really don’t want to reflect much on how they were produced. But we’re poor students, and so we buy those things.

Kostia couldn’t find Vollkorn, our usual cheap German whole-wheat bread, so he bought another kind, which I would never have been able to bring myself to buy no matter how affordable, because I am allergic to Uncle Sam. Behold Active Sandwich:

It seems to be German-produced and the ingredients look normal, but it still kind of freaks me out. I didn’t think that Uncle Sam was such a good marketing tool in Europe these days, but perhaps the masses who buy cheap sandwich bread still find America glamorous.