I heard about it on the radio yesterday and I wasn’t quite sure I was understanding the Swedish correctly. They’ve been talking about it all day on the radio and of course Swedes and the resident Russian can’t understand why the U.S. doesn’t do something about its gun problem. And I can’t either, 15 years after the shooting on my own college campus.

I don’t really want to write any more about it, but Rooted Cosmopolitans have some words of wisdom.

My thoughts are with you, Hokies.

Edit: I guess I do want to write a little more about it. I’ve been avoiding reading too much news coverage because it can’t tell me anything I don’t already know. The particulars of the perpetrator are irrelevant, considering that this is a regularly recurring phenomenon in the U.S. I think I used to be much more into the “America is a sick society” explanation for these things, especially immediately after what happened to us at Simon’s Rock. After having travelled a bit, I think the “America is a sick society” explanation mostly applies to the gun lobby. People go off the deep end everywhere in this world, but the difference between whether a disturbed person stabs somebody or beats somebody up, or whether they manage to kill 32 people in a couple of hours has everything to do with the availability of firearms. Can we reduce violence in this world by working to create mentally healthier societies? To a certain extent. Can we reduce the amount of carnage people can create when they go nuts by making firearms difficult to get, as most of the civilized world has done? Absolutely. The American gun lobby is directly responsible for this horror.

Some organizations that are doing something about it:
Stop the NRA
Million Mom March
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence
Brady Campaign