It’s been pretty busy since Valborg. Our dear friend Vadik came to visit bringing Soviet Champagne and, what’s more, a willingness to spend money at Systembolaget, so we had three days which were more like our Russian lifestyle than our Swedish one. That was fun.

Tomorrow we’re off to Stockholm to meet up with Aunt Kelly and my sister, Emily. We’ll spend the weekend there and then all come back to Falun for a few days.

Today I had lots of errands to run and I’m proud to say that I conducted them all in Swedish rather than lapsing into English out of nervousness or embarassment. So I have learned something this year. I feel like my spoken Swedish is crap, actually, but it seems to get the job done.

Kostia and I recorded a song recently. It’s a jazz version of a song he wrote a long time ago. He plays guitar and manipulates the computer software. I sing and whistle. When I listen to it I can only hear my wrong notes, but maybe you’ll find it amusing. You can listen to it here.