Anyone who has some kind of site meter on their blog has the privilege of seeing what kinds of disturbing things people type into search engines, and worse, how some combination of words on your own blog brings these freaks to it. I’ve already mentioned what brings the most people to my blog. Jane must have a really high page rank if Googling for “naked women” brings her so much traffic – I mean, aren’t there several dozen million porn sites featuring pictures of actual naked women?

Anyway, Google referred two particularly amusing Sweden-related searches to my blog today:

1. swedish food bajs

As we learned here earlier this academic year, “bajs” is decidedly not food, even if it was at some earlier stage. Sometimes an actual piece of poo is referred to as “bajskorv”, or “poop sausage”, due to its sausage-like shape, but “korv” is the food word here, not bajs. Someone is confused.

2. swedish snot band flash kindergarten

I’m trying to imagine what the hell this person was looking for, and the only thing I can think of is The Ark, Sweden’s Eurovision entry. Anyone else have any theories?