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This is my first post to be posted officially on WordPress and not simply imported from Blogger. I’ve been blogging on Blogger for two and a half years, so this feels a little strange. But I think the change will be better for all concerned.

Can someone tell me why Flickr is so popular? I started an account because several people I know have one, and WordPress has this nice feature that posts your most recent Flickr photos, but I find it absolutely user-unfriendly even if it looks cool. Does one have to pay $24.95 in order for it not to suck? Because I’m not paying.

This has been an unusual week. Aunt Kelly and Sister Emily were visiting (remind me to do something with the photos from the stuff we did while they were here – some of them are on Flickr but since figuring out how to organize them is such a pain I don’t really want to promote my Flickr page at the moment), and the same day they left Kostia went to a Fancypants Writers’ Conference in Visby, so after a whirlwind of activity, suddenly everything was quiet. And the university library was closed yesterday for some holiday – one of those obscure religious ones that are observed in secular Sweden for some reason – and again today for the “squeeze day”. And the weather is crap, cold and rainy. And I should work on my thesis, and I did, this morning, a little, but mostly I’ve been wasting time in the computer lab and doing Sudoku puzzles and eating cereal.

All right, I’m off to pull myself together.


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I'm an American who started blogging when I moved to Russia in 2004. Eventually I moved to Sweden, where life is pleasant but uneventful, and stopped blogging for lack of interesting things to say. And then I joined Facebook, which further destroyed any motivation for blogging. Maybe someday I'll start blogging again, but for now, this blog is dormant, an archive of The Russia Years: 2004-2008.

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