Despite the long commute, the crazy building administrator, and now, my fear of the head cashier at the local Pyatyorochka supermarket, who gave me a scolding this evening (she mis-heard my answer to “Do you need a bag?” as “no” and when I asked for one after she had already checked me out, I got an earful. I mean, really. I don’t expect the the-customer-is-always-right treatment at the Pyatyorochka, but it was a simple misunderstanding, so just give me the bag and spare me the lecture already), I like our apartment.

I like it even more now that we’ve finally moved all the furniture (that we inherited when Aunt Kelly left Russia) from Kostia’s old apartment, where our friends Dyava and Lena have been living since we left for Sweden. We gave them an IKEA gift certificate to compensate for leaving them furnitureless. 

So now that we’ve got the furniture in the optimal arrangement and have DSL, I could happily never leave the apartment. Which is pretty much what I’ve done today, except for my foray to the Pyatyorochka for my scolding.

Here are some pictures. You’ve already seen the kitchen, this is the room. Yes, just one room, but it’s big.


our good-sized prihozhaya (entryway) visible through the doorway


there are nests of swallows on our balcony – they crap everywhere but I like them anyway


the couch and chair belong to our landlords


cozy nook just right for a bed


these buildings aren’t inhabited yet, and this highway isn’t really connected to anything


this is the third rainbow I’ve seen over this spot – I really should check out where it leads