I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately. Here are some random shots. More to come.

View from our stairwell. They’re furiously finishing a new kindergarten and just installed all this new playground equipment:


Scouts getting on the bus for an excursion:


This truck is always parked in the same place and I see it every morning from the bus on the way to the metro. Somehow seeing these sonorous, evocative words “Golden Toast” in my native language is comforting and makes my morning more cheerful: 


This psychologist comes highly recommended, apparently:


Public service posters. 1) A clean city starts from your window. 2) Choose Education: Choose the Future. 3) In a clean city – healthy children!


Underage drinking anyone?


I imagine the owners of this microbrewery were looking for a play on the word “pub”, and just pawed through their dictionary till they found one, without checking with any English speakers.