Just a quick update as I’m on dial-up in cow country. Today’s my dad’s birthday, and he and my sister and I are in the same place for the first time in several years. At his birthday dinner tonight I promised to give blog recognition to my stepmother’s cooking, so: Thanks for all the tasty meals, Dianne!

Even though we’re a week into September, it’s mid-summer hot here in Upstate New York.  I even managed to get my back sunburned yesterday washing the family cars in my bathing suit. I don’t mind; I know when I get back to St. Petersburg next week it will be chilly and autumnal.

On the drive back from Boston on Tuesday I stopped by Simon’s Rock College, where I got my B.A. So much has changed in the 11 years since I graduated and the 8 years since I last visited. They’ve built a new science building, athletic center, student union, dormitory, and arts building. They’ve expanded the library, built practice rooms behind the music center, paved the roads and pathways and generally spruced the place up. It looks great. I envy the kids who are studying there now! I got to have lunch with several professors who I consider friends and have kept in touch with through the years. It was really nice, like a homecoming.