That’s what was written on the tags on my luggage when I finally got hold of it, after taking a mere 78 hours to get from Canandaigua, NY to St. Petersburg. I personally made it home about 24 hours sooner, after a brief visit with Mari and Jyrki and Tapio and Vuokko in Finland. Despite my inability to speak Finnish, 2.5-year-old Tapio declared that I was his friend (or so his mother said), which was very nice. Vuokko isn’t old enough to say much of anything yet, but she did flash her four and a half teeth at me several times, so I think that we are friends too.

Despite my fondness for most things Nordic, I have to say that I don’t recommend Finnair. Not only is their food not very tasty, especially after British Airways (with which I was generally impressed, except for their part in losing my bags), but their customer service is terrible. It was nearly impossible to get any information about my missing bags while I was in Finland, despite repeated phone calls, checking the website, and returning to the airport.

Well, I’ve got more interesting things to write about, but I seem to be either running around the city or trying to sleep off jet lag recently, so I’ll try to write more tomorrow or Sunday.