McDonald’s has a new ad campaign in St. Petersburg promoting its breakfasts. Until a couple of years ago, Russian McDonald’s didn’t even have breakfast food. Anand can testify to that – when he was visiting in January 2005, we ate hamburgers at the Red Square McDonald’s at 7 a.m. For Russians this wasn’t so weird – while there’s a clear distinction in my mind between “breakfast food” and “lunch and dinner food”, Russians don’t seem to make this distinction. They can eat a ham- and mayonnaise-based salad for breakfast. I have a hard time wrapping my head around that, but whatever.

I kind of despise McDonald’s in principle and think that it should be avoided (and everyone should watch Super Size Me – why can’t I find the official site? Did McDonald’s shut them down?), but I have been known to go to a St. Petersburg McDonald’s on occasion, usually for take-out coffee. This breakfast ad campaign, however, has been working on my subconscious and awakened fond memories of Egg McMuffins from my childhood. The other night Kostia and I had the following conversation:

Me: We should go to McDonald’s for breakfast sometime.

Kostia: Why?!?

Me: You should have an Egg McMuffin once in your life, they’re tasty.

Kostia: I’ll do it when I’m old and bored.

It’s not likely to happen in any case. They stop serving breakfast at 10 a.m. We wouldn’t have time on a weekday morning, and the likelihood that we might make it out of the house before 10 on a day when we’re not working is approximately zero.