Eeek, I haven’t posted since the McDonald’s post, perhaps leaving readers with the impression that McDonald’s is like, a super important part of my life. After I posted it, Kostia said, “you wrote about McDonald’s and you didn’t write about our trip to Pushkin yesterday?” So I wanted to post some photos from Pushkin, as well as lots of other photos, but something’s up with the internets at this moment and I can’t see any of the photos I’m trying to upload. So instead, I’ll write something I’ve been meaning to write that doesn’t involve photos, and try to post the photos later.

You may recall that a few weeks ago I wrote about making a donation to Planned Parenthood in my hometown. Since then I added them to my “Take Action” links. I also ran across this post in the BitchPhD archives, which gives a really nice personal account of why Planned Parenthood is so great, and why those who protest against it are stupid and/or evil. It made me even more glad that I made that donation.

Update: another brilliant post from BitchPhd on Planned Parenthood.