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A few posts back I mentioned that Kostia was supposed to be going to Sweden for November and December to teach some courses at our university there. Well, it turns out that the Swedish consulate/migration board can’t turn around a work visa application in 4 days (more like 4 weeks) so he’s here, and now he’s teaching even more internet distance courses for Högskolan Dalarna. But they still want him to come teach in person, so supposedly another work invitation is on its way for next semester. If that happens as planned, we’ll both head back to Falun in January for at least a semester. This would be much nicer for us than him going there for six weeks and leaving me in St. Petersburg all alone. We’ll see how things actually turn out. I’m not holding my breath yet.

Today’s a holiday. In Soviet times it was Revolution Day, but in the fine new Russian tradition of going back to old Soviet traditions to make middle-aged and elderly sovoks happy (i.e. restoring the Soviet national anthem with new words) they just keep the holiday on the same day and rename it something meaningless. Meaningless, but not innocuous. Because all the People’s Unity Day banners remind me of the ads for United Russia that have been springing up everywhere.

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