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1. The woman whose job it is to hand out the Metro free paper who was carrying away the last stack at 10.25 a.m. and totally ignored me when I asked for one, presumably because her shift ends at 10.30. Anyway, aren’t they supposed to leave the extras in the boxes that say “Metro” on them?

2. The guy drinking a beer on the metro this evening who just put the empty bottle on the floor when he was finished. Not an unusual occurrence, but still. At the top of the escalator, he took a United Russia bulletin (from out of the Metro newspaper box, which of course did not contain any Metro newspapers, only United Russia bulletins). Double loser. 

3. The guy who was openly peeing on the corner near our bus stop. This is a residential neighborhood on the edge of the city; if you’re here at 11.30 on a Friday night, it’s because you live here. Go home and use the toilet!

4. The horrible woman who got on the marshrutka (minibus) just ahead of me and slammed the door in my face, and then refused to pass my money to the driver (unheard of) because “it’s inconvenient for me, I’m sitting on the edge”. It’s moments like those that I wish I was a native Russian speaker so I could unleash a torrent of abuse that wouldn’t sound merely amusing at best. 

Admittedly I’m a bit sleep-deprived today, which makes me irritable. Time to go to bed.

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I'm an American who started blogging when I moved to Russia in 2004. Eventually I moved to Sweden, where life is pleasant but uneventful, and stopped blogging for lack of interesting things to say. And then I joined Facebook, which further destroyed any motivation for blogging. Maybe someday I'll start blogging again, but for now, this blog is dormant, an archive of The Russia Years: 2004-2008.

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