According to LawPundit, I am a “Swede in Russia writing in English”. Alas, no. I am also, according to them, a LawPundit reader. This list must just be a list of everyone who has ever clicked on their site. That’s pretty sad, but whatever. Hopefully I’ll soon be back to being an American in Sweden writing about Russia. We’ll find out about our new residence permits at the end of this week, and if all goes as expected, we’ll return to Falun in mid-January.

And just in time too. Maybe it’s just the gray darkness of mid-December, but St. Petersburg is really getting to me lately. Mostly all the little systemic problems that could easily be fixed if someone took five minutes to give a shit, like the disorganization at the post office or all the boxes blocking the aisles at the Pyatyorochka supermarket or the dirtiness of the marshrutka interior. Even though I usually respond to these things by saying “Grr, Russia”, I have to admit that my home country has its share of this particular brand of “idiotism” too. Take this New York Times article (thanks to Veronica for the link) about the broken elevators at the Bronx family court and how people have to wait for hours to get into the building, missing their court appointments. Really, people. I cannot believe this. It is my fervent hope that this article will provoke such public outrage that someone in charge will actually have to do something about it (besides just making statements that the elevators are slowly being repaired), like moving the court to temporary quarters until the elevators are fixed, and/or letting people use the stairs.

There are a lot of things wrong with this world and plenty to be sad or upset about, but the things that really enrage me are the fixable problems, no matter how small, that are just ignored or dealt with incompetently. 

I need to go watch this video a few more times to be soothed by cute cute hedgehogs doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel. (Thanks to CrimeanElf for the link.)