So, I haven’t been working very much for, basically, the last month. First my students had fewer lessons because of the pre-holiday hustle and bustle, then it was the holidays, then it was the nearly-two-week Russian national hangover, and by then I had pretty much officially quit work because we had planned to leave for Sweden on January 16.

Have I been using my spare time wisely? No, not really, although I realize that I really do feel much better when I sleep as much as I want to, which is like 10 hours a day.

But sometimes I am seized with the desire to do projects. Last night’s project was to create a schematic map of the most recent proposed extensions to the St. Petersburg metro.

Here’s what the current metro looks like, superimposed on a map of the city:

click to enlarge

Here’s the schematic map, familiar to all metro riders:


Here’s the map of the most recently proposed additions, to scale, superimposed on a map of the city – a truly massive plan, with forty new stations. I can’t get WordPress to make a thumbnail of this one for some reason, so you’ll just have to click on the link.

And here is the schematic map I stayed up til 3 a.m. last night drawing:


I had an awful lot of fun making it. Perhaps I’ve chosen the wrong career path. Or, seeing as I haven’t really chosen a career path, maybe I should have chosen one that involved drawing maps.

Read about Harry Beck, the first person to draw such a map, who drew the London Underground.