Things are working out really well. It seems I’ve got a bit of work in a high school, and I guess I won’t say too much more about that since the students are bound to discover my blog. :-) I’ve signed up for a few courses at the university and have regained the benefits that a student card has to offer.

I mentioned that the weather has been lovely and snowy since we arrived. This for instance, is the view we woke up to on our second day back in Sweden:



Best of all, I really like our apartment. It’s on the ground floor, which was a mild disappointment to me and a grave one to Kostia, but actually this has a lot of benefits. It feels a bit more homey since we have our own direct entrance rather than a stairway and corridor. We have a little patio area with a hedge around it, which will be nice in the spring and summer. Here’s Kostia next to our door:


Here’s our building – ours is the door on the lower right.


We were told our apartment had 1.5 rooms but really didn’t know what that meant until we saw it. What it means is that it is a two-room apartment, or, in American parlance, a one-bedroom, but the bedroom is only considered a half room since it is quite small. Still, it’s big enough for a bed and a table and a chair, and has a huge walk-in closet, and it’s certainly bigger than the miniscule basement bedroom I had on Euclid Street in Washington in 2001-2002. The living room is very good-sized, and while the kitchen isn’t an eat-in kitchen, it’s well-designed for cooking.

We got a mattress over the weekend, and I visited the second hand shops and a moving sale, so now we only lack a sofa and an armchair.

We don’t, however, have internet at home yet, so I’m writing this from the university. But it’s getting to be dinnertime and I’d like to go back to our cozy little home, so I’m going to sign off here.