On my walk home today, it occurred to me that we had all the necessary elements of a proper IKEA meal: meatballs, little potatoes, lingonberry jam, plus the IKEA tableware, table, and even gravy mix we got from Claudia and Luke. When I got home I realized that in addition to all of that, we had napkins with elks on them, glögg (kind of like mulled wine, without the wine in this case), and, of course, candles. And once I put the plates on the table, Kostia reminded me about the little Swedish flags on toothpicks, another thing we inherited from Claudia and Luke. So we had a meal to make Ingvar Kamprad proud.



And here’s a lovely little song about IKEA, which I first heard about from… Claudia. She’s the biggest IKEA-phile I’ve ever met.