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My left wrist, left hip, and all the under-used muscles of my body are sore today. Yesterday I tried Nordic skating for the first time. Falun is built among lakes, and there’s one particularly large one on which they clear paths for skating. One path goes all the way to Borlänge, a town about 20 kilometers away. You can see a map of it here. My friend Lenka and I just did the little loop, the red one, but we did it two and a third times, so that was about 14 kilometers of skating. It’s not as hard as running 14 kilometers, but it was still hard. It’s harder than skating in a circle on figure skates. I fell pretty spectacularly three times, and I can usually manage not to fall when I go to a skating rink. The skates are different – they’re kind of like little cross-country skis with blades, and you use exactly the same kind of boots you use for cross-country skiing. And the bumps and cracks in the natural ice can be pretty treacherous. Still, it was pretty fun and good exercise, and I’d like to try it again once I’ve recovered.


me, stumbling along


Lenka, more graceful than I am


Check out the ice sailboat!

It turns out there are a lot of YouTube videos of Nordic skating. Check it out!

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